Books, tv, and theatre for kids and their families.

Neoliberalism For Children

The neoliberalism children's storybook project was created to teach children about the history and repercussions of free market economies. "Only One Penguin" and "Little Jonny Up At Night" are the first books in the series. 

"Only One Penguin" uses various plural terms for animals to explore Margaret Thatcher's infamous statement, "...there's no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families...". I attempt to track the shift of values under neoliberalism by playing with the double meaning of plural terms. As the story progresses, I link the terms to current political figures (Kellyanne Conway as a Tigress, Donald Trump as a lion, and a nod to Sean Spicer hiding "among" the bushes to avoid press corps questions, a guinea fowl fleeing into the forest).

"Little Jonny Up At Night" explores sleeping time as a potential location for creating surplus value by using time for rest as time for investment in the individual. Little Jonny, named for "24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep" author Jonathan Crary, is drawn as a white-crowned sparrow. White -crowned sparrows can forgo sleep for periods up to a week in duration while migrating between Alaska and Mexico. The hyper-productivity of sleepless birds reflects is the ideal model for humans who are encouraged to perfect (or minimize) their sleep habits to increase their earning potential.

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Space Stretch 

An inventive television show designed to teach yoga to young children who want to be astronauts. Four zany space-dwelling siblings, Flash, Smash, Sash, and Clash Tanga, constantly throw they universe out of alignment through acts of over-exertion. Captain Crash Tanga along with his sidekick, Upside Downward Dog, perform yoga poses to restore balance to the universe. 

Created by Cheshire Smile Animation Inc. 

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Children's Theatre

Working as narrator, puppeteer, writer, and performer for companies that produce touring puppet and devised theatre for children.